If you are seeking employment within executive level in the security industry, look no further than the Tactical Executive Close Protection Course. The course by itself is open to all with any employment backgrounds and will cater to every student’s capability to ensure that the highest possible standards of a Close Protection Operative are met. This course will develop your abilities and utilize your transferable skills in order for you to reach the correct standard of excellence required from a CPO. The Tactical Executive Close Protection Course goes beyond the requirements set by the SIA which will ensure that not only can you obtain the industry and worldwide recognized SIA Close Protection License but also gain real-life close protection experience. This will allow you to lawfully work in the UK or overseas as the licensing is internationally accredited.

Upon completion of the Executive Close Protection Course and obtaining your SIA license there are endless opportunities within the security industry. As with this license you can work as a Door Supervisor, Security Guard and Close Protection Operative. You can also work globally as a corporate CPO, spanning from protecting principals, assets, businesses

£ 1200

and families. You could also progress your career by evolving your training to get further trained for hostile environment close protection and or work within the maritime industry. Our dedicated team will open your eyes to where your strengths and weaknesses are and how we can develop your current skills to be prepared to work within this thriving yet demanding industry.

Module 1 – Roles and Responsibilities of the CPO
Module 2 – Threat and Risk Assessment
Module 3 – Surveillance Awareness
Module 4 – Operational Planning
Module 5 – Law and Legislation
Module 6 – Interpersonal Skills
Module 7 – Close Protection teamwork and briefing

Module 8 – Conduct Reconnaissance
Module 9 – Close Protection Foot Drills
Module 10 – Route Selection
Module 11 – Close Protection Journey Management
Module 12 – Search Procedures
Module 13 – Incident Management
Module 14 – Venue Security


Close Protection

As a CPO (Bodyguard) you will be able to protect UHNWI / VIP / Celebrities / Individuals and their Families in transit or public.

Residential Security

Protecting VIP Households and Family Members from Intrusion and Safeguarding their Privacy.

Door Supervisor

Looking after those who like to party in our major UK clubbing spots

Retail Security

Protecting High Street Stores and Premium Outlets retail security is imperative


Weekly dates available 12th May | 2nd June
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