Head of Centre | Security Instructor

Rafay is a Security Specialist with more than 12 years of experience in Hostile Protection, Security Operations, UNHW Close Protection and Security Training. He holds various specialist certifications such as that in Counter Terrorism and Forensic Science.

Specializes in training for Security Management, Security Operations, Close Protection, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention.

Rafay is our Head of Centre and is a registered Trainer with IQ (Industry Qualifications) and NFPS (National Federation for Personal Safety).


Senior Security Instructor
Paul has 24 years of Military experience with the 29 Commando RA and The Queens 1st Regiment. He further has been a security instructor for more then 20 years.

Specializes in Training for Close protection, Door supervision, Conflict management, First aid and Physical Intervention.

Paul is our Head Instructor and is registered with IQ (Industry Qualification) and NFPS (National Federation for Personal Safety).


Senior Security Instructor
Mark is a Close Protection Specialist having served in German Armed Forces with 27 years of Close Protection experience both in the Military and otherwise. He specializes in Hostile Protection, CQC (Close Quarter Combat), Fire arms, Evasive Driving and Surveillance. Mark also holds a Level 6 Belt in Krav Maga.

Mark is our Senior Instructor and manages our Course Curriculum and Quality.

We provide specialist security and safety services through consultancy, training and operational tactics. We provide the forefront of operational experience whilst embracing relevant technological advancements.