We at Tactical Security aim to provide our customers with state of the art security services with all our employees being SIA licensed and most of our Close Protection Officers with Military backgrounds.

Area Protection

Our team is trained in securing Residential, Commercial and Rural properties, further providing technical systems to meet any requirements.
With advanced cordoning and motion detection equipment we can covertly monitor and record all movement within areas of interest, whilst GPS tracking equipment will further enable to track the location of high value equipment or vehicles remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Close Protection

TSS can meet your personal security needs, through consultation and operational measures. We take a proactive approach to the assessment of risk, ensuring that security measures are adequate yet proportionate to the needs of the client and principal.
Whether an individual protection officer or a full team is required, we are able to deploy immediately and operate autonomously, where necessary providing vehicles, anti / counter surveillance, medical support and other specialist operational support.
With international experience in conducting operations in austere environments, we are able to deploy internationally, where privately contracted armed security operations are permitted.

CCTV & Technical Security

Our teams are fully trained and qualified to install overt and covert CCTV and GPS technical systems to our client’s requirements.
Our overt services include, but are not limited to CCTV and technical security support to properties, residences, educational institutions and other places where such measures are suitable or required.
Our covert services have been used successfully in response to the following cases, including but not limited to recovering stolen goods, tracking of high value goods, resolving fraudulent claims, gathering evidence of anti social and criminal behavior.

Surveillance & Investigations

TSS meets and exceeds the needs of their clients, gathering the necessary intelligence, in an efficient, professional and discrete manner. Whether operating from a static or mobile platform, in an urban or rural setting, our experience and technology enables us to deploy with immediate effect, operating autonomously.
With an operational inventory including thermal imaging, night vision observation optics and cameras optimised for low light operations.

Secure Key Holding & Mobile Patrolling

TSS provides secure key holding services, linked to a central operations center, enabling an efficient response by our proactive patrols, where necessary providing notifications to the client/police through our operational liaison unit.
We have deployed covert patrols for residential premises as well as industrial sites where the detection of theft and the countering of industrial espionage was required. Our operatives will ensure that a thorough threat assessment is made which will help reduce the likelihood of any incident occurring. The use of dyes and covert tagging provides another secure link between the client and their assets.

Event Management

We understand the effort & time it takes to organize events – small or large; and how critical it is to make certain that crowds are controlled properly/safely and security situations are handled immediately and efficiently. TSS creates a Joint Team with your existing management and our supervisor security staff, which creates an even more efficient approach to avoid potential concerns, maximizing protection for both the visitors in the events, and the organizers.​

We provide specialist security and safety services through consultancy, training and operational tactics. We provide the forefront of operational experience whilst embracing relevant technological advancements.